Powerful Prenatal with Audrey (4 Videos @ 45 mins)

Powerful Prenatal with Audrey (4 Videos @ 45 mins)

Our Prenatal Yoga is something you will only find on MOGA Online. With intention setting, breathing, beautiful hip openers and mama mantras in each class – this is one tool that you will want in your birthing toolbox! Enjoy 4 videos that are 30 - 45 minutes long each.

Audrey Gentile’s classes are uniquely designed to help you feel powerful in each trimester. She researched the most common symptoms (hello insomnia!) and aches that moms experience in each trimester, as she skillfully prepares you for the longest marathon your body will endure – birth! Plus you get a class for the 4th trimester (yoga for when baby is here).

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Powerful Prenatal with Audrey (4 Videos @ 45 mins)

4 Videos

  • Prenatal Yoga - The 1st Trimester

    Morning sickness, dizziness, loss of appetite, can’t sleep and exhausted – sound like you? This invigorating Prenatal Yoga class with Audrey Gentile is designed for the First Trimester. Let Audrey help you feel energized, sleep better and feel connected and grounded with your little nugget growin...

  • Prenatal Yoga - The 2nd Trimester

    Feeling more energized, but your hips and lower back could use some love? Audrey Gentile’s prenatal yoga sequence for the Second Trimester helps you get your circulation flowing to all the areas that need it, relieving those annoying leg cramps, aching back, pelvis and hips. Plus, Audrey always w...

  • Prenatal Yoga - The 3rd Trimester

    Slowing down, frequently peeing, poor posture, and can’t see your feet? Are your hips and low back on fire? If that weren’t enough, are you finding that sleeping is uncomfortable? Welcome to the Third Trimester!
    If you are ready for baby to arrive, but feeling a bit anxious about giving birth, y...

  • The 4th Trimester with Audrey Gentile

    Baby is here, but you feel like a war zone all over. Not only are you healing physically and mentally, but you are in a haze of survival and bliss. Baby is everything you imagined (and more!), but you feel tapped out. Audrey Gentile’s Yoga for New Moms is for mamas to fill up your cup. It’s hard ...