Mom & Baby Yoga Series - Rebuilding Your Core (6 Videos @ 20 mins)

Mom & Baby Yoga Series - Rebuilding Your Core (6 Videos @ 20 mins)

Our Mom & Baby Yoga 6 class series offers the perfect combination of fitness and sensory yoga for baby. Build strength and feel connected with your little one at the same time. Each class has a theme, with songs, sounds and movements, which are essential for baby's emotional and brain developement. Each video is perfect for busy moms to rebuild the core safely, so you can feel strong in your body and confident in your new role. Videos are 20 - 25 minutes long.

Videos are suitable for all moms and babies from 6-weeks-old to pre-crawling. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

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Mom & Baby Yoga Series - Rebuilding Your Core (6 Videos @ 20 mins)

8 Videos

  • Introduction to MOGA

  • Mom and Baby Modifications

    A short video on postnatal modifications. Be gentle and kind to your body, it just created a baby! If postures cause strain or any pain, be sure to stop immediately.

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Calmness and the TA

    As a new mom, your world has been turned around you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed from time to time. Tapping into your ability to find calmness will help you be your best as you embark on the motherhood journey.

    Your Transverse Abdominis (TA) is the deepest of your core muscles, help...

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Rest and Deep Core Engagement

    Newborns sleep a lot, but they also wake every few hours, which means that you may be experiencing some tiredness as you care for your little one. Rest is very important for physical recovery, but also for mental and emotional wellbeing.

    In this video, we will focus on our posture, breathwork ...

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Confidence and Yoga Twists

    Confidence is the appreciation of self and the belief that you have value. Confident moms raise confident children and in this video, we will explore this theme as we work the transverse abdominis and obliques with twists and embrace deeper hip openers. Twists are important to reset your day and ...

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Strength and Hip Movement

    The hips are often sore postnatally and in this video we will take the time to stretch them as we focus on strength and finding emotional balance. Join Hannah as she adds more challenging poses and feel your core heat up as you become stronger with each practice.

    Instructor: Hannah Day
    Guest ...

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Balance and Core

    Balance is so important to living a happy life. With our yoga practices, you can develop a stronger sense of balance both emotionally and physically. In this video, Hannah will guide you through a yoga sequence that focus on the transverse abdominus, the obliques, the glutes and getting into the ...

  • Mom & Baby Yoga: Patience and Great Posture

    They say that patience is a virtue and as a new mom, you will be flexing that virtue muscle a lot! Let Hannah guide you through a sequence that is designed to target all of the intricate layers of the core and pelvic floor while using our awareness of good posture and breath work.

    In this vid...